Dr. Terry Barrett

The Terry Barrett Scholarship Fund

Thank you for your generous donation to the Terry Barrett Scholarship Fund at the University of North Texas, honoring Dr. Terry Barrett's contributions to the field of art education. During his time at UNT, Dr. Barrett – educator, author, art critic, and artist – influenced countless students and colleagues through his generous teaching and mentorship.

Dr. Barrett has helped to shape the pedagogics of art, photography, and studio in significant ways through his books - Criticizing Art: Understanding the Contemporary (1999), Criticizing Photographs: An Introduction to Understanding Images (1999), Interpreting Art : Reflecting, Wondering, and Responding (2002), Why Is That Art?: Aesthetics and Criticism of Contemporary Art (2007), Making Art: Form and Meaning (2011), and Crits: A Student Manual (2018) – and through his other writings and teachings, in Denton and around the world.

Dr. Barrett believed that art education was an opportunity to make connections and foster community. In his teaching and writing, he showed how we can have a better understanding of ourselves and others when we engage, together, in looking at and talking about art. Dr. Barrett believed his work was about creating personal and world peace.

Your support of the Terry Barrett Scholarship Fund allows us to continue making a difference in the world of art education as we help individuals appreciate and engage with art on a deeper personal, interpersonal, and global levels, as Dr. Barrett believed. We are deeply grateful for your generosity, which is instrumental in helping us achieve our goals at the College of Visual Arts and Design.

For questions, contact Felicia Lewis, senior director of development for the College of Visual Arts & Design, at Felicia.Lewis@unt.edu or 314-295-3160.